Captioning in ON24

Adding Closed Captioning to On24 is easy with 20/20 Captioning's caption streaming technology. Just follow these easy steps to make sure all of your attendees have full access to your important content:

  1. Log into your On24 “Webcast Portal.”
  2. Create a new webcast by selecting the “Create New”  option on the left-hand side. Add the necessary information to the On24 Window shown below, and then select “Create”:

ON24 1

  1. Under the newly created webcast, select “Console Builder”:

ON24 2

  1. Select “Widgets”  from the top tool bar shown above to bring up the “Widget Manager”:

ON24 3

  1. Under “Widget Manager,” please double click “URL”  located at the very bottom of the window. This will open the “URL” window.

Once open, select “Settings > Configuration” option at the top of your URL window as shown below:

On24 4

  1. Insert the embedded link in the URL window. To create the embedded link, add your event ID (provided in your confirmation email) to the following URL:

on24 5

  1. Select “Save” and your participants should now have access to the Caption Window.
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