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Maximize audience engagement in your Zoom or Microsoft Teams virtual meeting with live captioning services from 20/20 Captioning. Captioning catches and holds meeting attendees’ attention for longer, and improves their capacity to retain the information from the meeting.

Why add live captions to your event or meeting?

  • Increased engagement: Adding live captioning has been shown to improve participant engagement and increase content retention. Live transcription improves your audience's interaction with your brand.
  • Improved accessibility: Live captioniing make your content more accessible not only to the deaf and hard of hearing but those for whom English is not their primary language.
  • Increased Flexibility: Live captioning provides your audience with more ways to engage with your content or presentation.

20/20 Captioning is a leading provider of live captioning services. We provide captioning services using real people for the highest levels of accuracy to keep you connected to your clients, communities, stakeholders and employees, so you can connect everyone!

Why Choose 20/20 Captioning?

Captions Provided by Real People: 20/20 works with experienced live captioners to provide captions for the highest levels of accuracy with no delay in the caption stream. When it's your reputation on the line, don't trust your captions to a machine.

Easy To Use Integrations: Our caption streaming technology integrates seamlessly with Zoom and Teams using their  API technology. Captions stream in real time directly into your Zoom or Teams session. Captions stay with your meeting if you're sending them to Facebook or YouTube.

24/7 Live Customer Support: 20/20's dedicated and knowledgable support team is available 24/7 to assist with technical questions and scheduling needs.

How Customers use Live Captioning

Our customers use Zoom live captioning every day to stream a variety of events, including:

  • Stream events to Facebook Live or YouTube live with captions
  • Meetings, trainings, and webinars
  • Town halls and workshops
  • Virtual conferences and marketing events
  • Classrooms and workspaces

Getting Started with Live Captioning

We make it easy to integrate captions into Zoom and Teams meetings. We use real people and not automated speech recognition software, which means you’re getting the highest quality  closed captioning, as well as unmatched customer service.

Have questions or want more information? Visit our live captioning FAQ's.

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