Our Services

At 20/20 Captioning & stenoCART we are dedicated to providing equal access for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing as well as meeting the needs of the legal community. We are committed to providing our clients with the following:

  • Excellent service: We go the extra mile to meet your needs.
  • Dependable results: We deliver when we say we will.
  • Exceptional accuracy: We get the words and the timing right.
  • Cost effective solutions: Our services are designed to fit your budget.

Please see a list of our services below:

Broadcast Captioning
Live realtime captioning of local, national and public television programming, including religious programming, community affairs, city council/governmental, corporate training, investor presentations, political debates, sports, entertainment and commercials.

Emergency Captioning
Live realtime captioning of breaking news, weather-related events, local, national and public broadcasts.

Offline Captioning
Captions that are added in the post-production phase.

CART stands for Communication Access Realtime Translation. Our CART service is delivered by the robust and secure platform 1CapApp, the most widely used technology for delivering word-for-word translation of the spoken word in English or translated into a foreign language of your choice. The realtime text can be viewed globally on any internet connected device.

  • Remote CART: Requires the realtime writer to be at an offsite location. The consumer needs only an internet connected device to receive word-for-word text that is delivered in less than 2 seconds. The consumer can view the realtime text on a computer, phone, laptop, iPad or tablet.
  • Overhead CART: Designed to provide communication access for large groups. This service is frequently used at conferences and special events to project text onto large screens or monitors placed throughout the room. We also have 1Fuzion that will overlay on top of a Power Point or Video eliminating extra projectors and screens.

Live realtime voice-to-text translation of any event streamed to YOUR company’s website, or ours.

Court Reporting
We offer the highest quality of court reporting services at the most affordable rates.

Send us your videotape, audiocassette or DVD.

Our talented team of realtime writers are experts at delivering word-for-word text into other platforms such as:  Zoom, Adobe, Cisco WebEx, Blackboard and more. Don’t see your platform listed? Just ask!

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