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When first approached to blog, I really did drag my feet; after all, who will be interested in what I am thinking or what I have to say? Anyone? No one? Maybe someone? If you are that "someone" what can I share with you about CART, captioning, or broadcast captioning that you don't already know?

I follow many of you on FaceBook, Twitter, and other social media sites where you discuss CART, captioning, and broadcast captioning – plus all the efforts you are taking to improve communication access for your family and friends that are deaf or hard of hearing. I have learned so much from many of you and am excited for you to follow me, learn more about my passion for equal communication access for all persons, including the deaf and hard of hearing; and, also, the vision I have for 20/20 Captioning.

First, I have a passion for God, my family and my friends. At family get-togethers or gatherings, it is not uncommon to have a circle of interest as I talk about what I have been doing. I've also discovered that technology changes as we sleep and, therefore, it has become a strong desire of mine to educate my family and my friends who are deaf or hard of hearing about these changes and how easy it is to incorporate CART, captioning, and broadcast captioning into their everyday lives.

I can't promise you each post I make will be exciting, but I hope to share my knowledge and understanding of how I blend all this technology together for CART and captioning, my role as a Cart Provider and Captioner, and how you can make better choices for yourself and your loved ones that could benefit from the CART or captioning service 20/20 Captioning provides.

Finally, be sure to check out our website, like us on FaceBook, and follow us on Twitter!

More to come! You don't want to miss out so check back soon!


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