As an operator of two (2) television stations I was dealing with a critical operational demand in late 2005, early 2006.

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Jeanette and her team of "rock star" CART providers saved my career.

As a late deafened adult with a profound sensorineural hearing loss, I started to think my sales career was over when the demand of conference calls and meetings became too difficult to hear and understand. I tried other services but could not find that perfect fit. Then along came 20/20!!

Scheduling with 20/20 is a breeze. Smooth, quick responses and confirmations in a timely manner put me at ease when I have a conference call to schedule. 20/20 has taken the anxiety out of conference calls with their professional, accurate and exact word-for-word streaming text. I feel like I can hear again!

Best of all, even my clients have commented on how much easier it is to communicate with me through the exceptional service of 20/20!

Simply put, 20/20 is the BEST!

Cindy, Sales

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