20/20 Captioning & stenoCART is always prepared, always on time, always responsive and helpful.

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20/20 Captioning & stenoCART has been wonderful. They are reliable and very easy to work with.

I have taken several genetics courses using 20/20 Captioning & stenoCART that would have been difficult to take with an interpreter due to the level of vocabulary. 20/20 Captioning & stenoCART allows me to take my own notes without having to rely on someone else to take notes for me. I have used their services for about four to five years now and I have found the captioners to be very reliable. They do their best to provide excellent service.

The captioners and CART providers are willing to go out of their way to edit transcripts and to request information ahead of time so that they can do a good job. They are also willing to work with different people, and are always very kind when they do so.

I enjoy seeing a “hello :-)” or a “good morning! How are you?” when I log online from them.

Kelly, Graduate Student
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