Jeanette and her team of "rock star" CART providers saved my career.

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As an operator of two (2) television stations I was dealing with a critical operational demand in late 2005, early 2006.

Like all commercial and non-commercial TV stations, we were faced with the mammoth task of close captioning 100% of our broadcasted content. We were compliant on everything but the mass volume of locally produced content we air.

Thankfully, we were alerted to a company in Kansas called 20/20 Captioning & stenoCART and a woman named Jeanette Christian. Our experience with Jeanette and her team has been nothing short of exceptional! They are customer focused and understand the critical, and at times, last minute demands placed on broadcasters. They find solutions to problems and meet our every need.

I wholeheartedly support and recommend 20/20 Captioning & stenoCART. It is a relief to me to know that this critical operational element is in the hands of a company that is competent and reliable.

Chuck Spohn, Vice-President and General Manager

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