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Many of us go to work each day and at some point in our life, due to stress, lack of sleep, feeling overwhelmed – we easily forget how much we enjoy our job and the importance and satisfaction of being a CART captioner, broadcast captioner or court reporter.

Recently I was asked to provide remote CART captioning to a church in Livonia, Michigan. During the first service I was reminded and blessed how rewarding my job could be. With the permission of Pastor Dean and Greg, I want to share “Greg’s Story” and I know it will touch your heart just as it did mine.

A parishioner at Christ Our Savior Church in Michigan, named Glenn, diligently pursued remote CART captioning for his deaf son, Greg, who attends Sunday morning service. Greg has been attending church at Christ Our Savior for several years and his mother had been signing for him so that he could participate in the service. After several months of Greg’s dad pursuing CART captioning and getting the logistics in place, remote CART captioning was officially launched at Christ Our Savior Church.   

I have been a CART captioner and broadcast captioner for many church services throughout my career, but this service was different. The words of Pastor Dean were enthusiastic, engaging, and thought provoking; and, although I was remote, I could feel the energy in the room and could sense just by listening how really special this day was for Christ Our Savior. What was more amazing is the email I received from Pastor Dean after Sunday’s service:

"Good morning, Jeanette,

I just wanted to share with you something that happened yesterday following the captioning service. I make it a point to greet the members following the service and as I was, numerous people shared with me what a great thing this captioning was. People said that they were "visual" kinds of learners, so for them to be able to read and hear was a blessing - it was more apt to "stick"! All of that was well and good - and I know that I'm not done hearing comments from people.  

While I was greeting my members, Greg, who is totally late-deafened, came out of the sanctuary with his hands in the air and loud enough so I could hear as well as everyone in the room and said, "I could understand" - a tear welled up in my eyes as I gave him back a great big smile and 2 thumbs up! Here is a guy who has been faithful coming to church over the years but has not understood because he couldn't hear. This was no fault of his mom who tried to do the best she could, signing to him.

As a result of yesterday, he could understand! Thanks for your part in all of this - I know that God's Word is life - you just made it possible for that Word to strengthen the faith of one of His children - from Greg's Pastor, thank you. Have a blessed day! Pastor Dean"

Wow!!! As I read the Pastor’s email, I felt touched by an Angel and was so humbled knowing I made a difference in someone’s life. What a powerful reminder how wonderful this profession is and the different ways we can give back while doing something we do so well, providing a service to help and inspire others.

In loving memory: Glenn T. Barnier was peacefully called to Heaven by his Risen Savior on May 29, 2014.

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